Best Android Spy App

Best Android Spy App

Smartphone popularity is growing faster than ever, especially with Android Mobile devices. First released in 2008, Android mobile devices and its apps are extremely popular with the teenage generation. Teens love their Android mostly because of the fact that they are able to do all kinds of activities such as sharing photos/videos, social networking, texting, listen to music, play games, and can choose from thousands of the best apps available in the Google Play Store.

Many of the Android apps available are fun and beneficial for teens. But what happens when kids begin using their Android or a particular app for activities that can potentially get themselves into trouble, with or without intent?

For example, what if they’re using a chatting app on their phone with a new ‘friend’ they met online who turns out to be an online predator waiting to take advantage of them? What if they are using their Android smartphone to upload explicit photos or videos to their profile on their Facebook or Twitter app? Or, what if they are visiting questionable websites that have inappropriate content? Issues such as these and more can easily be addressed by installing the best Android spy app onto their smartphone to monitor their activities.

Parents can monitor their teens’ activities with an Android spy app such as Mobile Spy for their smartphone. Below are some of the benefits of monitoring activities with this top notch Android spy app.

Monitoring Activities Remotely VS. Manually
Many parents first attempt at monitoring activities is the basic method of manually searching through their teens’ Android device and apps. Unfortunately, this form of monitoring activities is not very affective as kids can easily delete anything inappropriate to cover their tracks so their parents don’t see it.

With the Android Mobile Spy app installed, this is not an issue. This Android spy app is one of the best, as it records activities as they take place on the device and uploads the records to a secure online parental control account for viewing remotely. Parents can sign into their online account from any computer, smartphone, tablet or other device with internet access.

Best Android Spy App Features
The Mobile Spy app offers a plethora of features to keep track of activities. This app includes GPS tracking, a list of apps installed, web history, photos taken, call log info, full text messages, IM chat messages, and much more. In addition, parents will also be able to remotely lock/unlock the monitored phone, block any particular app, send silent SMS commands, and get instant GPS tracking info.

The Ultimate Benefit
Ultimately, parents will finally be able to find peace of mind using an Android spy app such as this. The best part is that parents can become more informed with what their kids are participating in on their smartphone so they can stop any wrong doings before they get too far out of hand.

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