Facts About Employee Theft [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facts About Employee Theft [INFOGRAPHIC]

Each year, businesses lose billions of dollars to employees working for their own company. Studies have found that 75% of employees have admitted to stealing from their employer at least once, and of companies that file for bankruptcy, 33% of them are a cause of theft from their own employees.

HR departments are finding it harder and harder to weed through potential candidates as a higher amount of prospects admit to submitting false information on their resumes.

The following FACTS ABOUT EMPLOYEE THEFT infographic illustrates just how much employee theft negatively affects the current workforce. Not all methods of keeping up with employee activity are effective. Fortunately, there are other proactive options and solutions employers can take to keep an eye on employee activities both in and outside the office, and also help prevent more theft down the line.

Employee monitoring and Mobile Spy software for employersFor the full-resolution version of this infographic, click here.

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