Free Employee Monitoring Software for 3 Computers

It is important for businesses to be aware of what goes on with company computers. Company computers are necessary for a business to remain successful and there are a lot of different ways in how computers can be used which can have the opposite effect on a business. Employee computer monitoring software works as a protection for employers by helping them pinpoint problems and when they occurred. Frivolous use of a company computer can not only decrease productivity, but also open a business up to malware which risks getting sensitive data to the wrong hands.

For many small businesses, there may not be much room in the budget for employee monitoring software. Perhaps the computers are not used heavily or only used by a few of the employees as opposed to all of them. Even in these circumstances, it is still important for small businesses to know what occurs on each computer in their company. At bare minimum, unwatched workers probably waste time on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. But if a computer is largely being used unsupervised and unmonitored, it is vulnerable for being used maliciously in various different ways.

Being able to review the activity on a workplace computer is just as important as installing anti-virus on a workplace computer. Anti-virus helps prevent loss of productivity due to shutting the computer down for costly repairs or replacements that occur when the company computer is attacked with a virus. Employee monitoring software helps protect from loss of productivity due to distracted workers or those who have ill intentions. If you run a small business and want to make sure the computers are being used properly, then Net Orbit offers free employee monitoring software for up to three computers! That’s right, you can monitor up to three company computers for free for as long as you’d like, until you are ready to either add more computers to your company network or upgrade to their full featured suite.

Net Orbit works for both Windows and Mac computers. It is designed for all networks large and small, and works for businesses that have several locations or laptops that change locations regularly. Net Orbit allows employers to view, control and block unauthorized employee activities. The free version of Net Orbit keeps logs of screenshots for the employer to review later and also logs applications used, websites visited, files changed, words that were copied and pasted, instant messages and even the location of each computer’s IP address. Employers and supervisors log into their secure Net Orbit online panel from any Internet enabled computer, tablet or smartphone to review their logs. Bosses can send commands to each computer to shutdown, restart or log a user off right away. Net Orbit will also allow employers to block access to specific websites and applications with black and white lists to prevent workers from getting off track in the first place.

A paid subscription to Net Orbit will allow employers to view all of the screens in real time and watch any employee’s screen in full screen mode. Net Orbit offers all of its features except for live viewing completely free for businesses to use on up to three company computers. Three free licenses will allow businesses to evaluate Net Orbit before advancing to a larger scale, and it also helps small businesses protect themselves against misuse of their company computers by providing them with free employee monitoring software for up to three computers without the burden of choosing between anti-virus or employee monitoring software.

For good integration of employee monitoring software, it is important for businesses to implement good practices. Always be upfront with workers and let them know what activities will be monitored on company computers and explain the importance of being able to review activities. Net Orbit will be visible in the system tray and letting workers know ahead of time helps. A simple statement in the company handbook will help notify any future employees as well.

It is also good practice with Net Orbit to block gaming applications and websites that are known for distractions and to review logs regularly. Employee monitoring software can’t fully help employers if the employers don’t remember to regularly check to see how their computers are being used. Every business could use free employee monitoring software, and now every business can give it a go with three licenses of Net Orbit. There’s no excuse. Download Net Orbit today.

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