How to Keep your Teen Safe

How to Keep your Teen Safe

These days, keeping a teen safe from danger is no small task. There was plenty of trouble for teens to get into before cell phones and the internet. The introduction of the smartphone to a teenager’s life opens up so many dangerous possibilities, it would be difficult to identify many serious situations, even as they are happening.

The struggle to keep a teen safe has not changed in a lot of ways. Parents still worry about how well their teens drive, what kind of people they’re associating with, what kinds of activities they’re engaging in, and so on. The less parents know about their teenager’s life, the harder it is for them to keep their teen safe.

While they are mostly safe, there are many dangerous things that teens do on their smartphone. Things like texting while driving, or spending too much time on Facebook or video games. Then there are other dangers like giving out too much personal information or viewing inappropriate websites. Dangerous habits like these can go unnoticed, especially if the teenager is trying to hide their tracks.

This is why it is important for parents to have monitoring software on their teenager’s smartphone. In order to keep a teen safe, it is important to know what kinds of dangers, if any, they are encountering. Smartphone monitoring software will capture all activities of a teen’s iPhone or Android, and upload the exact history of the device.

To help keep a teen safe with a smartphone, parents should monitor:

  • GPS Locations
  • Contacts
  • Text Messages
  • Calls made
  • Facebook activity
  • Websites vistited
  • Photos captured
  • And more..

There are many things kids can do that go unnoticed, but will show up when reviewing the phone’s usage. Even a mostly safe teen can present surprises By gaining knowledge about how the teenager uses the phone, it becomes easier to keep to the teen safe by knowing what kinds of issues they are facing.

Teens often try to gain independence by secretly exploring new things. They also test their boundaries, and are not always safe. The iPhone or Android becomes the mediating device for most of their daily interactions with others. Teens also may reveal inner secrets to their smartphone by searching different sites. If a dangerous secret is hiding, monitoring software on a smartphone can help a parent find the problem before it is too late.

Parents who want monitoring software to help keep their teen safe can expect to download and install a stealth monitoring app to the phone. Once installed, the parent can log in from any web browser to see how the phone has been used at any time.

Keeping a teen safe can be difficult without certain tools. With smartphone monitoring software keeping tabs on how they’re using their Androids and iPhones, it becomes much easier to keep a teen safe.

6 Responses to “How to Keep your Teen Safe”

  1. Evelyn says:

    I am wondering if there are any monitoring programs that don’t require you to jailbreak you child’s phone in order to install it. I found something, but am not sure if it’s legit or not based on what I can find on the internet.

    Thank you.

    • Kelly Austin says:

      Unfortunately I’m not sure if there are, but I really don’t think so. Typically, anything that is not found in the App Store would require the jailbreak in order to be installed on the iPhone.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Which jail break should I use. I have a monitoring service but didn’t realize I needed to break into the phone before I purchased it.

    • Kelly Austin says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      There are several sites you can go to, some recommended ones are iClarified, RedmondPie or Evasion. Just do a search for one of those and you’ll find their tutorials showing you how to complete the jailbreak process.

  3. Jessica says:

    Hi, will mobile spy also allow us parents to view the app called snap chat. All photos taken as well as incoming photos?


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