iPhone 5 Spy Software

iPhone 5 Spy Software

UPDATE: 2/5/13: Mobile Spy is the first iPhone 5 Spy Software on the Market. Don’t trust competitors who saw our news and quickly shuffled to say their software is compatible. The inferior methods used are not compatible with iPhone 5 and you can spend weeks waiting on their release which actually works.

The iPhone has become the go-to source to help solve many of the problems we face each day. The phone can be used to stay in contact with everyone through texts and phone calls, apps can be created to perform complex calculations or synchronize data among colleagues, and of course there’s Siri, the most knowledgeable personal assistant that can fit in one’s pocket.

The functionality and reliability of the iPhone has led to the phone finding its way into the workplace and in the pockets of our children. For obvious reasons, parents and employers have installed iPhone spy software to these phones in order to keep their family, business, and wallets safe. With iPhone spy software, one can know the actual location of the phone throughout the day, calls made, texts sent and received, URLs of websites visited, and basically keep an eye on their child or employee to make sure that they’re not getting into mischief.

Mobile Spy has been the #1 best iPhone spy software available for parents and employers since 2007, when the first iPhone was released. Since that time, the makers of Mobile Spy have continued to pioneer the industry with cutting-edge features and reliable service and technical support. Parents and employers feel at ease when they know what’s going on with their devices, and Mobile Spy has saved the day in countless circumstances, whether tracking down a lost or stolen phone, catching a predator, or putting a lid on sensitive information that may be finding its way into the wrong hands.

Mobile Spy is largely successful in part because of its stealth operating abilities. The software silently logs information and uploads them to the owner’s secure online account. This keeps the software from being tampered with or getting in the way of how the phone is supposed to function. Because it is a software and a service, it is a third-party app that is not available in iTunes. Instead, users jailbreak their iPhone and install the software directly from the Mobile Spy website.

Unfortunately at this time, there is no jailbreak for iPads, iPhone 5 or 4s running iOS 6 and up. There is also no way to “downgrade” a 4s once it has been upgraded, so there are many iOS devices in the workplace and in hands of children, without a way to keep track of how they’re being used. A jailbreak for the iPhone 5 is expected to become available as soon as December 22, 2012, and iPhone 5 spy software from Mobile Spy is ready for it.

Mobile Spy is always undergoing research and development at Retina-X Studios, LLC. The reliable software service that has allowed parents and employers to keep track of their iOS devices is expected to deliver the #1 best iPhone 5 spy software as soon as there becomes an untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s or iPads that are running iOS 6 and up.

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  1. Cynthia Brashear says:

    Online hiccups are many and my kids generally need some guidance as they don’t often see these things coming. Keeping their iPhone safe with an application that takes care of the phone from theft/loss and also its users is a must have.


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