Keep Your Teen Safe on iPhone or Android

There was a time, not too long ago when parents were unable to get in touch with their children. Once a child left home, there was no way for their parents to determine if their children were OK. It was up to the children to make sure that they found a nearby phone and call their parents’ house to let them know that they were OK. There was no Caller ID, no Internet, no GPS, no text messages and only a select few were able to receive a page containing a message consisting of numbers that could represent a number to call or a coded transmission. These days, parents are able to reach their children at any time via smartphones and tablet computers connected to the Internet. Technology has provided a strong level of safety for teens, but it has also opened the door for many problems not thought of just a few short years ago.

Smartphones are Difficult to Ignore

For most people, smartphones are a part of everyday life.  When a smartphone chimes in, we almost instantly check to see who it is that is trying to get a hold of us. It doesn’t matter if we’re driving, shopping for groceries, eating dinner, working or having a face to face discussion. We have all pulled out our phones out at inappropriate times, which can annoy others at the least, or in the worst case, it can be quite dangerous to pay attention to a smartphone at the wrong time. With so much computing power in the palm of the hand, it’s hard to ignore the fact that smartphones will be here to stay.

Teens Use Phones for More than Talking

We use smartphones to make calls, but smartphones are also used for getting directions, surfing the web, playing games, watching movies, listening to music, text messaging and even video conferencing. Teens love to use iPhones and Androids as their main source of entertainment and interaction with peers. It has become so normal for teens to text each other or glean information from the web that it almost seems impossible that life ever existed without smartphones.

Phones Can Get Teens in Trouble

Most schools will take disciplinary action whenever a student is caught using their phone at the wrong time or while taking a test. However, many teenagers don’t realize how dangerous smartphones can be. They can get so tied into a virtual reality that they might say or do something using their phone that they would not say or do in person or in real life. Paying too much attention to a smartphone at the wrong time can lead to dangerous and sometimes fatal consequences. Using a wrong website or posting too much information online can lead to identity theft or give criminals the information they need to perpetrate crimes against teens or their families. Sending hurtful messages or illicit photos can result in jail time, and since everything digital can be easily stored and duplicated, things that are shared with smartphones will have a lasting impact for years.

Teens have the Upper Hand

When it comes to understanding smartphones, teenagers have lots of experience exploring new features and developing new ways to cause trouble. Since many teens don’t have jobs, they have plenty of time to figure out the inner workings of what makes smartphones tick. Parents will often seek answers from their teens about how to use certain features and applications. Since the teenagers hold most of the cards, they also know what kinds of information to withhold from their parents so that they can get away with things their parents would not approve of.

Parents Can Take a Stand

Monitoring software allows parents to reign in on unscrupulous cell phone use by reviewing the activity logs of the iPhone, iPad or Android device they provide for their children. With Mobile Spy, parents can see who their kids are talking to, review text message conversations, go over emails, contacts, memos, photos taken, GPS locations and more. By installing an app to their child’s device, parents can sign in an online account from any web browser and see exactly what their child has been up to. Parents can configure alerts to let them know if their child is engaging in inappropriate activity, communicating with the wrong people or going somewhere they’re not supposed to be. Mobile Spy provides tools for parents to block certain applications from being used and take back control of what can be a somewhat dismal situation. For a small fraction of the price of a cellular plan, Mobile Spy is a surefire way to keep their teens safe on iPhone or Android without the need to be very tech-savvy.

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