Teens and Mobile Phones

Teens and Mobile Phones – Info You Need [INFOGRAPHIC]

Almost 8 out of every 10 teenagers uses a cell phone. This leads to concerns from parents about whether the smartphones they have provided their children are being used correctly. With iOS or Android devices, it becomes easy for teenagers to develop dangerous habits or become victims of a cyber crime.

Parents purchase smartphones for their children in order to keep in touch at all times. The problem with smartphones is that they are not used exclusively for calling. iPhones and Androids come fully packed with wireless features and tools to navigate the entire world digitally. Unlimited capabilities with minimal oversight is a formula for potential disaster.

With the infographic TEENS AND MOBILE PHONES, shown below, you can see how teenagers are spending time on their phones. Parents can get details about their teen’s cell phone usage by installing monitoring software to the device.


Infographic on how teens use their mobile phones


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