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Mobile Spy is a program designed to help parents learn what their child does on their iPhone.

Mobile Spy allows you to log all SMS & picture messages and information about each call on your iPhone 3G/3GS/4 running iOS4.1.

Also logged are GPS locations every thirty minutes when signal is available, E-mails sent or received by your iPhone, new Contacts added to the phone, & any URL websites visited through the Safari browser. Logs are viewable online from any web browser.

The technology is compatible with any jailbroken iPhone running the 4.1 firmware.

In support of Cydia, we are offering a free seven day trial account for all Cydia users.

If you wish to continue after the seven days, simply purchase at

Backup any messages you need to save.

Registration / Installation Back to Menu

STEP 1 OF 3:

You will either need a trial account or a full account for the software to work.

Go to the registration page and complete the four steps to create your username & password.

Leave the registration field as-is (all zeros) to create the seven day trial account. If you have purchased the software, you would input your registration code in this field.

Finally, tap the Agree to Terms box and then submit to complete the registration.

STEP 2 OF 3:

Install the package file inside Cydia.

Go to Cydia, tap Search at the bottom and type "Smartphone".

Then tap the Smartphone entry and tap Install. Tap Confirm on the next screen to begin the installation.

Once the install finishes, tap Return to Cydia. Once back to the Cydia store, press the Home button to return to the main springboard.

STEP 3 OF 3:

Now it's time to bring up the interface and log in. Bring up the Dialer and dial **54321.

Tap the Smartphone icon, type your username and password, and tap Save. From there, you can configure Mobile Spy to monitor which options you want by selecting the options on the bottom of the screen.

Once you are finished selecting the monitoring options, press the Home button to return to the springboard. Again, within 2-5 seconds it will reset and return the springboard to its original view.

Mobile Spy is now ready to monitor!


After completing all three steps successfully, you can check your logs anytime by going to

Log into your account and enjoy!

Help & Support Back to Menu


To remove the software, go to Cydia > Manage > Packages > Smartphone > Remove > Confirm.


We offer full support for Cydia trial & paid users at